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Monday, January 21, 2008

Methane Gas Detector

I got a scare yesterday afternoon when I smelled gas everywhere in the house. I suddenly remembered that my maid had made some hard boiled eggs and boiled some barley water in the morning. When I went to the kitchen to check, I discovered that she had forgotten to turn off the stove or it could be the flame had extinguished by itself while the stove was turned on and my maid did not notice that. That was just so dangerous and if we had anyone lighting a cigarette in our house at that time, I dread to think what would have happened. This new maid of mine is quite a scatterbrain. I think very soon I will need to buy a cooking gas detector to detect gas leakage from the kitchen for the safety of my family. I wonder if there is such a device, just like the methane gas detectors from methangasdetectors.com. The methane gas detector is a pretty cool gadget which can detect a methane gas leak by just pointing and shooting a ‘laser gun’.
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