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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Donate A Car For A Cause


Do you have an old car that you rarely use and find that it’s taking up too much space in your garage? If you have, have you ever thought about donating it to charity and make a difference in someone’s life? You can donate your car to Car Angel, a Christian based charity organization that channels the proceeds from the car donation to designated charities worldwide helping single mothers to the homeless, teen and adult rehab, food distribution and orphans. Car Angel also uses the proceeds of the sale from the car donations to help the less fortunate and at-risk kids by creating various uplifting children’s DVDs to give away free to kids and teens. Some of the DVDs include the latest anti-drug film and the award-winning Donkey Ollie 1, Donkey Ollie 2 and Donkey Ollie 3. You can view the snippets of the Donkey Ollie video here.
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