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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In A Dilemma

My maid agent has promised to give me a replacement temp maid to exchange with my super slow Cambodian maid by this week. The new replacement temp maid will be another rejected maid, this time an Indonesian maid. Whilst part of me really want to try out another maid, the other part of me is worried that the new temp maid will be worse off than my current Cambodian maid. Besides, I am really very tired of training the new temp maid all over again. Based on my experience with 5 Indon maids, I find Indon maids more cunning than Cambodian maids. Though my current Cambodian maid is super slow, blur and at times appear really dumb, I think I rather keep this type of maid than a cunning maid who has tricks and mischief up their sleeves. On the other hand, my assumption may be wrong. Who knows maybe this new temp Indon maid will turn out well? I'm really in a dilemma now. I have to make a decision by this Friday.
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