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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Too Tough For 4 Year Olds?

Do you think this exercise is too tough for a 4 year old? Alycia's pre-school teacher has given her this as homework. My mum who is a retired teacher thinks this is a tad too tough for a 4-year old as Alycia seems so clueless when my mum coached her in her homework. In the first place, Alycia does not even know how to read the instructions which is 'colour the biggest numbers'. My mum and I had a tough time explaining this exercise to her. It could be Alycia has missed out too many classes (more than 6 months) last year when I pulled her out from school when she kept falling sick, thus she is very far lagging behind her peers.

On top of homework, her pre-school also gives her tons of flash cards, which mummy is supposed to flash to her. When it comes to Mandarin, mummy is just as clueless though there is 'han yi pin yi' written on the cards.

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