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Monday, March 31, 2008

Heard Of A Barebones Computer?

Lately, I have been pondering whether I should get myself a laptop. The main reason why I’d like to get a laptop is that I can work in my bedroom at night when the kids are asleep. It would be easier for me to run to Sherilyn and my newborn baby when they cry. The only factor that is holding me back from buying a laptop is the cost. The cheapest and most basic laptop costs a few thousand Ringgit and that is way beyond my budget. Maybe I should get a barebones computer to be placed in my bedroom as it can save me a substantial sum. If you have not heard of what a barebones computer is, check it out at easyasmypc.com. It’s basically a ‘bare’ computer that you have to assemble the computer components yourself. Sounds difficult? No. The assembly instructions are guaranteed to be easy to read and understand. Now, I am really tempted to get one. I have friends who can help me assemble the computer and all I need to do is just buy them lunch or dinner.
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