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Saturday, March 22, 2008

How Was Your Saturday?

Mine didn't start off too well. I woke up late today as Alycia didn't have to go to school. Tried to log on to my dot com blog but couldn't. I then called Streamyx and after about 20 mins on the line with the customer service officer, I was informed that the problem could be due to my host's server. I was also told by Montessorimum and Miche that they could not access my blog. I then called my host in Penang and spent more than half an hour on the phone with the technical assistant. I bet the phone bill will cost a bomb. I tried umpteen times trying to ping my blog but all I got was a 'request timed out' reply. Also tried to log in using my IP address and a temp URL but nothing seemed to work. I had also rebooted my PC many times but still couldn't log in to my blog, the cPanel or view the statistics. Geez, I tell you that was really frustrating. I was also told to download the latest Firefox Mozilla as my browser and to log in to my blog using Firefox but that also did not help. Finally, I decided to hang up as I was really worried of the escalating phone bill for the outstation call made to Penang. I then rebooted my PC again and voila, this time I could log in to my blog. Really don't know what exactly happened.

We were supposed to have dinner with my brother and SIL who came from Singapore but was later informed by hubby that the roads in KL will be closed for the F1 GP celebration, so plan cancelled. I have just taught my maid how to make homemade chicken nuggets and lamb chop. My maid has very shallow culinary skills and sometimes I get really pissed off with her when she tries to do things her way without asking me and spoils the entire dish. She also tends to forget what I've asked her to cook and how to cook them. I think Chinese and Western cooking are completely alien to her. I have since taken over cooking from her, which is really time consuming. She's unlike my previous maid who knows exactly what to do after teaching her only once.
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