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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Found Anthony Bourdain On Spock

One of my favorite pastimes is to watch cook shows on TV. I especially love watching Chef Anthony Bourdain and his eating and cooking tours round the world. I find this guy really amazing and entertaining. During his eating and cooking tours, he would have the nerve to try almost any bizarre food offered to him, you know, the kind that Fear Factor participants would have to eat and that’s what I love to see! Among his many daring epicurean exploits, Bourdain is famous for consuming sheep testicles in Morocco, ant eggs in Mexico, a raw seal eyeball as part of a seal hunt, and a whole cobra snake with a beating heart, blood, bile and meat in Vietnam. One of the worst meals of his life is a fermented shark he ate in Iceland!

Boudain is really a very interesting chef and I was curious to know more about this amazing chef. I went to do a search on Bourdain at Spock and got tons of information on him. In case you have not heard what Spock is, it is a unique new people search application where people can be searched by name, email or tag. Tags are personal attribute of the person such as fair skin, blond hair, chef, humorous, fat guy, etc. which help you narrow down the search for people. With Spock, you can easily search for people in a more efficient way than on Google or Yahoo. Spock searches for information on biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories and every place imaginable on the internet.

From the information I obtained from Spock, I read that Bourdain has been an unrepentant smoker and drinker. However, because of the birth of his daughter, he states that he has now stopped smoking. Once, renowned chef Thomas Keller served Bourdain a 20-course tasting menu including a mid-meal ‘coffee and cigarettes’ dish of foie gras with tobacco-infused custard!

It’s really interesting to know how you can search for people through Spock. If you want to be searched and be found on Spock too, you can register yourself together with your personal information and picture at Spock.

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