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Monday, March 10, 2008

I Really Need To Buy A Laptop

One of the things that I must get myself this year is a laptop. I was just telling Barb last week that since I can’t get down to my little home office to work at night, I really should get myself a laptop so that I can work upstairs in my room when the girls are asleep. Sherilyn my brat is controlling me to the point that I can now no longer get down to work at night even when she is fast asleep. If you have been following my blog posts, you will know what I mean, as this brat has a tendency to cry till she pukes at night when she can’t see me next to her. I’ve seen some laptops selling between $299.99 to $699.99 at and after I have done some survey on the pricing and type of laptop that I need, I will be on my way to buying my very own laptop soon.
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