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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Want To Do My Homework Too

Each time I coach Alycia in her homework, Sherilyn will go "I want to do my homework too!" And she will look for her exercise book and try to do whatever her cheh cheh is doing. I bought her an exercise book with boxes and she does her writing, scribbling and drawing in the book. She will even pretend that her imaginary teacher gave her homework to do.

Alycia doing her homework.

With Sherilyn following suit.

Whenever my mum is here, Sherilyn will even call my mum "teacher, teacher" as she fights for attention. Sher can be quite distractive asking loads of questions and demanding for this and that each time I teach Alycia. It's difficult to be answering both her endless questions and teaching Alycia in her homework simultaneously. People say a 2nd child is always aggresive and is an attention seeker and I find it so true with Sherilyn. I wonder how she will behave when her little sister arrives in 1.5 week's time.

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