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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Maid Sure Knows How To Make My Girls Laugh

That's my maid's strong point - patient with the girls and loves being in the company of the girls. I don't think it's for show coz she looks really genuine. She also seems to be very jovial when she's with the girls. When the girls were sick, she was very patient when it came to feeding the kids their medicine. She would clown around, say silly things and sing to make them laugh and eat their medicine. Anyway, I think it's still too early to gauge her thoroughly. She's only with us for slightly over 1 week and I need at least another 2 weeks before I make a decision whether or not to absorb her as my permanent maid, and provided there is no restriction in absorbing her.

Sherilyn who looked so moody and listless here...

and my maid trying to 'thum' (sweet talk) her into swallowing her medicine.

and she succeeded in making Sherilyn swallow her medicine happily.

Alycia laughing at my maid's silly antics.
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