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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Maid's A Weight Watcher

And she's just like me - on a low carbo diet. Initially, I was a tad suspicious as to why she's so vain. When I offered her jelly with santan (coconut milk), she turned down my offer. The next day, I offered her again, she smiled and told me that she's afraid of getting fat from the santan. She dared not even drink coconut water or eat the flesh of coconut... for fear of getting fat!

On many occasions, I noticed that she didn't eat any rice but only ate meat and vegetables, like me. I asked her why she didn't eat rice and she told me that she's afraid of gaining weight! Alamak! When I could not contain my curiosity any further on why my maid is so terrified of getting fat, I asked her if she had a boyfriend.... and she said yes. She is engaged to a guy who is currently working in a factory in Taiwan but they have not seen each other for many years. No wonder she's so watchful of her weight. I guess she wants to look slim in her wedding gown. I wonder if their relationship will last as both of them have not seen each other for years, though they have been engaged to be married for 7 years already.
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