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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sweet Cherry Jogger

I was shopping for baby stuff with Sherilyn at Jaya Jusco on Friday when we passed by the department that displays strollers and prams. When Sherilyn saw the Sweet Cherry jogger that I wanted to buy, she immediately climbed onto it and refused to get down.

Sherilyn has not been pushed on a stroller for more than a year and she really misses her rides on one. I used to strap her onto her pram occasionally when I went running in the morning. She also misses being treated like a baby.
I plan to get a jogger soon so that I can resume my daily running sessions 2 months post-delivery (for c-section delivery, it's best to rest the womb and wound for 2 months). However, hubby is not too keen that I go running with his precious baby strapped in a jogger for fear of the baby being snatched. Well, it's either he gets me a jogger or a threadmill - I'll ask which he prefers! I really need to get back into shape and feel fit and healthy again.
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