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Monday, March 3, 2008

When Problems And Challenges Come And Greet Us All At Once

Both Alycia and Sherilyn are down with high fever, runny nose and swollen throat. Alycia's fever was so high that she could not stomach any food this morning (except cream crackers) and puked twice. Sherilyn who is also having high fever has been extra talkative and keeps asking me questions till I feel so pissed off.

I did not have a good night's sleep last night as I was worried about the gals and kept worrying about what had happened to my computer. There was a major thunderstorm in KL yesterday evening. When I heard thunder roaring, I quickly disconnected my modem. However, the lightning struck my surge protector and I could not access internet until 11am today. Luckily I could call this Streamyx technician directly who could come on the same day to fix my problem.

Hubby spent RM180 at the paed's clinic today for both girls. Both gals are required to take antibiotics as they have very swollen throat and high fever. It's really a nightmare for me each time both the gals fall sick together. Not only does hubby have to spend a lot of money on the consultation fees, I will also lose sleep and fall sick myself. But this time, I was the one who spread the virus to my gals.

In times like these, I wished my former efficient maid was here to help me. I need not have to do much and everything will be kau tim by her. Now, I have to supervise my new temp maid and watch her closely . It's easier to correct her mistakes now than to let the mistakes become a habit. Just now, I don't know what she had pressed on the washing machine and now the washing machine is acting strangely and is taking over 1.5 hours to complete the cycle. These maids are always like this. They think they know how to operate your electrical items but often make a mess out of them. I have just reminded her again to inform me the next time she puts in laundry into the machine. This time, I will watch how she operates the machine. Very soon, I will have to teach her how to cook porridge and cook some simple dishes. I just hate to do these. I just wish I can lie on my couch, watch TV or just take a short nap now.

There will be another battle and power struggle tonight if the gals are still having high fever and I need to insert suppository for them. I thought I can rest and relax one month before my delivery but looks like I am stressing myself out even more now. The gals' paed reminded me this morning not to stress myself out too much coz this may cause me to go into preterm labor, especially since this is my 3rd child.
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