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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Are Your Teeth So BIG?

My new temp Indon maid has very obvious 'sau ngar' (2 very protruding front teeth like Bugs Bunny). When she smiles or laughs, the 2 front teeth jut out very prominently. On the day the maid arrived, her first task was to feed the gals breakfast. The gals were staring at their new kakak and kids being kids, Alycia said something which was quite hilarious but would be hurtful to my maid had she found out what Alycia had said about her.

Alycia : Kakak, why are your teeth so big?

Kakak : Huh? (she does not understand English very well)

Alycia : Kakak, why when you smile your 2 big teeth touch your lips, so funny?

Kakak : smiled, not knowing what Alycia was talking about.

I was observing the conversation and could not help but broke out laughing. I had wanted to stop Alycia from saying those things but it was so funny that I just laughed non-stop. So mean of me eh? But I did tell Alycia later that it's not good to make fun of people and told her not to do that again.
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