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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am So So Sick Of My CL

I am so so sick of this confinement. I am so so sick of my CL who is such a pain in my ass and neck. Everything she does is so wrong, unethical and unhygienic. The thing that I can't stand most about her is that she does not wash her hands after washing baby's poopie bum, despite me telling her to do so. I even gave her a pack of wet wipes for convenience sake to wipe her hands but that old lady just couldn't be bothered. Last night Baby C kept sneezing and then she puked everything out after I nursed her. I did not even blame her but she was so defensive of herself (as if I will blame her for bb sneezing and puking) and kept defending herself by yakking and yakking and yakking away till almost midnight. Even after I had turned off the lights to sleep, that old lady was still yakking away in her room (which is adjoining to mine) and came into my room to wake me up to talk c*ck. Boy, she really makes me want to explode as if my baby blues are not enough to kill me. Also last night, she just left the baby with me and then she had a good night's sleep until 7am, till I woke her up to clean baby's bum. Can you beat that?

I suspect it's her stupid method of wiping baby in the evening which made bb feeling a tad under the weather. Many times, she had forgotten to wipe Baby C until I reminded her at around 7pm. And when she wiped Baby C, she left the fan blowing at full blast until I saw it and turned it off. This old lady is also as stubborn as an ass. Who is she to choose what baby is to wear to sleep at night? For her convenience sake, she vehemently refused to let Baby C wear long rompers to sleep at night. Her lame excuse is that it is hard for her to see the buttons at night. So she let Baby C wear short sleeved onesie and wrapped her up in a nappy. When I commented about it, she put on a long sleeve pjs over the short sleeved onesie..... Baby C was sweating in the 2 layers of clothes and 1 layer of tight bundling in the nappy.

This old lady is so damn lazy that she is even lazy to wear her eye glasses. She can't really see well without her glasses and many times Baby C's bum still has poop on it because she can't see properly. In the end who suffers? Me.... coz I have to stand next to her and tell her what to do and tell her which part still has poop. Sometimes I even wipe baby's bum myself. Once, she even spilled gravy all over me because she can't see well without her glasses! Hiring her is really one of my biggest mistakes.

You know how she double boils chicken essence? She pours my unfinished red dates water into the chicken essence!! Which makes me suspicious that she had finished my chicken essence and then poured in the unfinished overnight red dates water to it. Oh my goodness, I am so so stressed up with that sickening old lady. 10 more days, 10 more days to go before I can send her off!! And I have to pay her RM100 a day! Makes me so sick thinking of her now. Forgive me Lord for bad mouthing her but I really can't tolerate her anymore. I hope I won't go into depression because of her. I can only blame myself for making a wrong decision for hiring her and not firing her in the first place.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Confinement Food

That's what I had for lunch yesterday - turmeric chicken, stir-fried red spinach and pigs' stomach soup with pepper, onions and serai (lemon grass flower?).

I wonder if my breast milk has tinges of the pungent serai and turmeric taste in it. You think it has? I wouldn't want to try it myself !

Mesmerizing Love Song

I've been getting many visitors from overseas to both my blogs lately. Today, I have a visitor from Indonesia and when I went to her blog, I heard this very romantic song sang by Hugh Grant (my favorite hunky actor) and Haley Bennet in her blog and I was mesmerized by this song instantly. I was so obsessed with this song that I downloaded it immediately and have been playing this song non-stop the whole afternoon. I bet you too will be mesmerized by this very 'lor man' song.... which makes me want to fall in love again.....

Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett - Way Back Into Love

Monday, April 28, 2008

How I Love My Urut Session

I just had a session of urut (massage in Malay). Woot.... it really felt so good. As the urut lady was putting the 'tungku' (hot stone) on my belly, I could feel the trapped wind in my tummy rumble and then making its way out.... from the top and bottom! Phew, felt so good as the wind was being released. The urut lady seemed very experienced and could even tell that I still had some blood clots in my body by touching my tummy (which is true as the ultrasound scan last week showed some blood clots between my womb and the bladder). The hot stone is supposed to induce the blood clots out and to expel the wind. She charged me RM70 for a 1.5 hour session and I have booked her for 5 sessions. I can't wait for her to come again for my next urut session on Thursday.

Alycia and Baby C

When Alycia sayang Baby C by stroking her head several days ago, Baby C smiled!

She must have recognized Alycia cheh cheh's voice. However after a while, the smile turned into agitation and Baby C cried! Cheh Cheh's stroke must have been too rough on her.

The 2 proud cheh chehs with Baby C. Alycia and Sherilyn really adore their new baby sister and they just can't keep their hands from stroking Baby C's head and from kissing her face, head, legs and everywhere!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

She Loves Yoghurt

That's how much Sherilyn loves yoghurt - she would lick the spoon clean and dip her hand into the cup to dig up every single drop of yoghurt and then licks her fingers and her fist clean. Each time I give her a cup of yoghurt, I have to sit next to her and watch her every movement, else she would scratch her head with her sticky hands and wipe her sticky hands onto the chairs, table, her clothes and anything that she can lay her hands on.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Drunken Baby

Read more about my drunken Cassie here.

Gifts For Baby C

Would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to all my internet friends for these lovely gifts for Baby Cassandra :

My very first gift from the daughter of the former deputy bank governer.

From Elaine, my blog sifu.

From this wonderful mum with 2 lovely girls in Canada - Vien.

From my very first few loyal blog supporters - Mamabok.

From my good blogging buddy, Barb. Barb also gave me a very wonderful gift, i.e. the Avent ISIS manual breast pump.

I would also like to thank my eldest sil from HK for the big ang pow, my dad and brother in Singapore for the big ang pow and Avent baby bottles and Leena for the generous ang pow.

Thanks peeps from the bottom of my heart for these lovely gifts. You all are the best!

I Can't Believe I've Not Gone Back For Almost A Year

I just realized that I have not gone back to my hometown in Ipoh for almost a year. Apart from my pregnancy, another reason why I have not been going back to Ipoh is because I have been too busy with my paid posts last year that I did not have time to leave for a few days. I don’t own a laptop and the laptop that my mum has in Ipoh is an old one. This old junk is extremely slow in loading and I have asked my mum to get a laptop memory upgrade, otherwise it is quite impossible for me to blog and to grab offers. I better remind my brother to help my mum get a laptop memory upgrade soon as I plan to bring the 3 kids back to Ipoh for a holiday next month. I really do miss Ipoh, especially the food and I can’t wait for our next trip back.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Confinement Food

That's what I ate for lunch 2 days ago :

Papaya soup boiled with fish

'Mui Choi kai' (braised chicken with dried vegetables) and stir-fried celery with sliced pork.

Today, my CL boiled papaya soup again, this time with chicken. I still do not see an increase in my milk supply. Hopefully it will flow out superfluously in the days to come, esp. after my P-I-T-N CL leaves in 2 weeks' time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby C @ Day 15 And Day 16

Baby C at day 15

and day 16. Read more about her here.

Baby C in her trademark wink.

Baby C in a bubbly mood after her bath this morning.

New Baby Monitor

I have been wanting to buy a new baby monitor to place in the kids' room at night so that I can monitor and hear Sherilyn when she cries and pukes. Hubby finally got a new Chicco baby monitor 2 weeks ago.

A few nights ago, I left Baby C alone in the room upstairs for a few minutes. Before I went downstairs, I turned on the baby monitor. When my CL went into the room, she fed Baby C with formula milk. When I went upstairs, I asked her why she fed the baby with formula and she lied to me that the baby was crying. I then told her that I did not hear the baby's cries donwstairs as the monitor was turned on. She was really taken aback and asked me what the gadget was and I told her it's a monitor to trace baby's cries. She was shocked and did not say a word.

My instruction to her was that I will breastfeed Baby C before going to bed and that she is to bring Baby C to me throughout the night for nursing when she cries. But that lady wanted to have a good night's sleep and fed Baby C with formula. What a pain in the neck that lady brings me everyday!

Confinement Food

That's what I had for lunch yesterday - 'chue keok choa' or black vinegar pigs' trotters with hard boiled chicken eggs and hard boiled ducks eggs. Also had brocolli and a herbal soup.... one big pot that is.... for the whole day!

My appetite is the worse this confinement. Maybe that's because of my inflammed guts. This confinement is also the least like a proper confinement for me as I have broken every rule there is in a confinement. I was treated like a princess during my 1st confinement after the birth of Alycia. I ate in my room and had a very good CL. My 2nd confinement was also satisfactory. With 2 older kids now, I find it really hard to get rest during the day. My CL is also a pain in the neck and would not help me much. Talking and writing about her make my blood boil.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby C @ Day 14

Today, daddy finally went to JPN to register Baby C's birth. Finally, daddy has settled for the name Cassandra Yap Kay Lee. So Baby Callista, Caitlyn or Caeley is now called Cassandra or Cassi in short.

Happy Birthday

Source of picture from fotosearch.com

Happy birthday to you
Happy birhday to you
Happy birthday to.....................

happy birthday to you.

Today marks the first anniversary of my blogspot blog. I would like to thank all my loyal readers from the bottom of my heart for giving my blog the much needed traffic and for all your wonderful comments. Creating this blog wasn't at all easy for an IT retard like me. I had spent many sleepless nights reading and trying to comprehend computer codes, IT jargons, etc (which seemed so alien to me) to get my blog started. I must also thank some of my friends for helping me make my blog a reality. I had always wanted to create my own blog but did not know where to begin. Even the smallest of effort like giving me the support and encouragement I needed when my blog was still new and unheard of to helping me with other more complicated stuff ..... theimperfectmom, montessorimum, chin nee, mamabok (did I leave any names out??) ..... thank you very much for your help, advice, support and comments.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Soya Sauce Freak

Sherilyn is a soya sauce freak. She wouldn't eat her eggs and fish without soya sauce. That's the reason why I only buy organic soya sauce and MSG-free & preservative-free soya sauce.

Sherilyn is always the last to finish her meals. She can take up to 2 hours to finish a single meal. We were all busy several days ago and left her alone at the dining table for about 10 minutes. She was still nibbling on her fried vermicelli. My maid had forgotten to place the bottle of soya sauce back into the fridge. When she came in to the dining area from the kitchen, she was shocked to see Sherilyn scooping up the soya sauce from her bowl to drink! My maid shouted out to Sherilyn to stop drinking the soya sauce. We were both aghast to see her bowl full of soya sauce and the bottle of of soya sauce was empty!! I quickly force her to gulp down a glass of water and warned her never to do it again but knowing my willful child, I know there's bound to be a second incident. The moral of the lesson for me is never leave the bottle of soya sauce or anything for that matter on the dining table alone with this brat!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby C @ 10 Days Old

When I was carrying Baby C, I was so busy caring for Alycia and Sherilyn and blogging for money that I hardly had time to talk to Baby C. It was a world of difference when I was carrying Alycia and Baby C. When I was carrying Alycia and Sher, I was very 'kan cheong' (concerned) and my mil (who was still staying with me then) would double boil chicken essence for me at least once or twice a week. I also ate lots of bird's nest and 'poa pun' (nourishing food).

With Baby C, I am ashamed to say that I was too blase about the pregnancy, until my gynae detected that her right kidney was slightly dilated at around 12 weeks. It was then that I was more 'kan cheong' about the pregnancy and prayed to God to heal this baby. I was also not bothered or was rather too busy and lazy to double boil chicken essence to nourish the baby. When hubby bought bird's nest for me, I even told him to stop spending unnecessarily as bird's nest are very costly. I just could not feel the strong bonding and love for Baby C throughout the pregnancy until she was born.

When I first saw Baby C, I fell in love with her instantly. Her face was so angelic and sweet. From the day she was born till this moment, I just can't get enough gazing at her angelic face day and night. Some nights when I wake up to breastfeed her, I would just stare at her and stroke her cheeks. I am really obsessed with her! It's really hard to divide my love equally with 3 kids and I am still learning how to do it so that Alycia and Sherilyn will not feel neglected and jealous.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Am On My Way To Having Flawless Legs Again!

This is what pregnancy hormones can do to one's body. After the birth of Baby C, the unsightly varicose veins on my legs started to subside.

BEFORE DELIVERY (around 6-7 months pregnant)

AFTER DELIVERY. This pic was taken 6 days post delivery.

Another Computer?

Alycia and Sherilyn have been demanding a lot of my attention lately. When I am seated in front of the computer doing my work, they will insist to be read to from the computer. There is no way I can stop them from hoarding the computer and I always end up letting them have fun reading on my computer for at least half an hour to an hour. If this continues, I will probably need to buy another computer for my home office and get a KVM switch.

Compare Auto Insurance Online

My aunt was recently involved in a car accident on Federal Highway where her car was hit by a trailer from behind which resulted in her car crashing into another vehicle in front of her. Her car was badly wrecked but thankfully no one was injured in the horrible accident. She is now claiming the cost of her car repair from her car insurer. Before the car insurer increases the premium of her auto insurance, she is now comparing online auto insurance to get the lowest possible insurance rates in the hope of switching insurer. Had I known earlier that I can compare auto insurance online, I would have switched insurer too when I crashed my very first car onto an office building years ago. The accident resulted in the premium for my car insurance to increase quite substantially the following year.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Post C-Section Nightmare

I thought my post c-section has ended but nope, the nightmare continued when I discovered another problem 2 nights ago. I was at the hospital the whole afternoon today waiting to see my superstar gynae who was called to perform an emergency c-section. The problem this time has got to do with my bladder, also resulting from the c-section. I am really depressed and upset that this problem has to happen to me. I shall post about this problem later coz I am really in no mood to write about this problem now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shedding The Last Few Kilos

I have gained a total of 10kg for this pregnancy. When I came back from the hospital on Saturday last week, my weight was 50kg, which means that I have only lost 4kg after the birth of my baby. Thankfully, my weight dropped further to 47kg within the next few days as I was ordered by the Gastroenterologist to stay away from ‘hard core’ confinement food and I have not been eating a lot for the past 1 week. Today, the Gastroenterologist has given me the green light to go ahead with confinement food and to resume a normal diet, though I still have to go slow on them. I bet my weight will surely go up again if I start my confinement food on a full swing. As with previous pregnancies, the last few kilos are always the hardest to shed. Hopefully this time, I can shed them real easy without having to pop Alli.

Post C-Section - Inflammed Guts

Today, I went for a follow-up check at the Gastroenterologist's office. After checking my tummy, the doctor finally gave me the green light to start eating food on a normal diet again. He has also given me the clearance to eat confinement food BUT to start off with just a few spoonfuls of anything that has alcohol in it. As soon as my stools are firm again, it is a sign that my intestines have fully healed. So I am to continue going slow on food.

Read more about my nightmarish post c-section here.

I Want To Be A Hot Mama Again

Now that I have popped baby out, I just can’t wait to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again. I can’t wait to go shopping to grab a couple of sexy outfits or perhaps get a hot thigh high boots to go with my sexy apparel. I’ve seen my sil wearing these boots and my, she does look good in them. I’ve had enough of donning maternity wear and I am so longing to look sexy, hot and attractive again.

Do You Love Or Loathe Your Confinement?

I don't know about you but I just hate this confinement. Some of my friends absolutely love their confinement, especially the food. I love the food too but because of my inflammed guts, I have eaten none of the confinement food. The only thing that keeps me motivated and happy during this confinement is my baby. I can never get enough gazing at her sweet face.

I am so sick of being in confinement and having to face my confinement lady who is such a pain in my neck. I am counting down to the days when I can finally bid her farewell and send her back. After my one month confinement, the first few things that I want to do are to go shopping, eat sashimi, eat crabs and surf the internet to look for some Hilton Head rentals for a nice Hilton Head Island vacation. It’s been aeons since I last went for an island vacation. I have been told that Hilton Head Island is the perfect island getaway and is one of the world’s most family-friendly vacation destinations. Three more weeks to go and I can have my freedom back!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Loves Reading

I started reading to Baby yesterday. After nursing Baby, I placed her back in the cot and started to read to her. Her eyes were fixated at the book and she was listening to me intently. When I stopped reading to her and went upstairs for my bath, she was crying for attention. The CL thought she was hungry and fixed her 1 ounce of formula but she did not drink it. Baby really loves to be talked to. I should fish out my old Glenn Doman math dots flash cards and my homemade flash cards and start flashing to her today. Call me a kiasu mum!

Pix of baby taken yesterday @ 6 days old.

I Need To Get Rid Of My Spare Tyre

After I delivered Alycia 4 years ago, my tummy was flat even on the first day post c-section. I was up and running and feeling really energetic. With Sherilyn, my tummy was still quite flat after the c-section but the wound was still painful and I couldn’t walk much. With this recent c-section, I was aghast when I looked at my tummy after the c-section. Gosh, I looked like I was still 4-5 months pregnant! Alycia kept asking me why my tummy is still so big. I just can’t wait for 2 months to pass by so that I can start exercising again and get rid of the unsightly ‘spare tyre’. I would probably need an elliptical at home to help me keep fit and trim. I just can’t bear to see my figure go out of proportion!

Reliable Movers

For the benefit of my readers from New York, if you are planning to move home and are looking for movers that are responsible, reliable and accountable, then look no further and head on straight to Shleppers.com, the best New York Moving Company, for both residential and commercial users. Whether you are moving interstate, long distance or locally, Shleppers has the expertise and experience to make your move a breeze.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby @ Day 6

That's baby at day 6. Brought her to the paed yesterday to have her Jaundice reviewed. She had very mild Jaundice 4 days after her birth. Thankfully, the Jaundice has now subsided even without exposure to the sun. Baby weighed 2.75kg at birth and yesterday she weighed 3kg, despite her passing motion so many times in a day. She also has a small white dot on her ear, which the paed said is a virus thing and he prescribed her with an antibiotics cream. Baby is sleeping throughout the day and everyone has been telling me that this is the best period since baby sleeps all the time and does not bother us much.

Baby wearing Alycia cheh cheh's old Pumpkin Patch onesie, which really looked oversize on her.

I had initially wanted to name her Callista but hubby does not like this name, sigh...... So now, we gotta scratch our heads and think of another English name for her.

Gold Jewelry For Kids?

Alycia has always been fascinated with my jewelry and always asks me when she can wear them, in particular a gold anklet as she has seen one of her classmates wearing a cute gold anklet with Disney cartoon characters dangling on it. I told her she’s still too young to be wearing gold jewelry. Moreover, it’s not safe for a little girl to be wearing glaring and blinking gold jewelry as cases of snatch theft are so prevalent these days. I’ll surely get her a cute gold anklet with butterflies dangling on it when she’s a little older. Do you allow your 4-year old toddler to wear gold jewelry?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pain, Pain, Pain

My gynae recently told me that there's a Jewish woman who had gone through 7 c-sections to deliver 7 healthy babies. I wonder how that woman did it. Though today's the 6th day post c-section, I am still feeling pain inside (the wound area) when I walk and lie down (especially side ways). I did not suffer much pain after my 1st c-section, while the pain was bearable after my 2nd c-section but for this c-section, I am suffering in pain. I am also purging like mad. I will be bringing baby to see the paed in a moment and I have also fixed an appointment to see my gynae and the Gastroenterologist. Hopefully there's no infection in my womb.

Thank You Leena

When I was at the hospital, this pretty mum visited me with Baby Shern and Marcus. Baby Shern looked even cuter in person and is so handsome! Thanks for the visit Leena and for the ang pow too.