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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Free Educational Gifts

Ever since my kids, especially Sherilyn suffered from bad constipation as a result of drinking the Enfa range of formula milk, I have switched both my girls to Dutch Lady. I have tried many brands but they only have a liking for Dutch Lady.... and it's quite a cheap formula milk! During the day, Sherilyn will be on Dutch Lady and night time, I'll feed her Enfagrow A+ with fibre. Alycia is on Dutch Lady 456 thrice a day. I tried feeding her with Enfakid but she hated the taste.

Dutch Lady often comes up with great free gifts for purchases of their formula milk. The latest range of free gifts are :

Disney activity books (which my girls love)

and magnetic spelling puzzles.

Unlike Mead Johnson where we have to collect the tin foils / bar codes to redeem the gifts, Dutch Lady gives out these educational stuff free.
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