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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to you
Happy birhday to you
Happy birthday to.....................

happy birthday to you.

Today marks the first anniversary of my blogspot blog. I would like to thank all my loyal readers from the bottom of my heart for giving my blog the much needed traffic and for all your wonderful comments. Creating this blog wasn't at all easy for an IT retard like me. I had spent many sleepless nights reading and trying to comprehend computer codes, IT jargons, etc (which seemed so alien to me) to get my blog started. I must also thank some of my friends for helping me make my blog a reality. I had always wanted to create my own blog but did not know where to begin. Even the smallest of effort like giving me the support and encouragement I needed when my blog was still new and unheard of to helping me with other more complicated stuff ..... theimperfectmom, montessorimum, chin nee, mamabok (did I leave any names out??) ..... thank you very much for your help, advice, support and comments.

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