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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shedding The Last Few Kilos

I have gained a total of 10kg for this pregnancy. When I came back from the hospital on Saturday last week, my weight was 50kg, which means that I have only lost 4kg after the birth of my baby. Thankfully, my weight dropped further to 47kg within the next few days as I was ordered by the Gastroenterologist to stay away from ‘hard core’ confinement food and I have not been eating a lot for the past 1 week. Today, the Gastroenterologist has given me the green light to go ahead with confinement food and to resume a normal diet, though I still have to go slow on them. I bet my weight will surely go up again if I start my confinement food on a full swing. As with previous pregnancies, the last few kilos are always the hardest to shed. Hopefully this time, I can shed them real easy without having to pop Alli.
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