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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

8 Long Days Without Internet

That’s how efficient our Telekom is… making me wait for 8 days to fix my problem. Had I not called Telekom every 3 hours to check on the status of my disconnected Streamyx (and exaggerated / dramatized a tad on how urgent my case was, and sounded stern, really serious and pissed off with their lackadaisical attitude, threatened them that I would cancel my Streamyx, threatened them that I would bring this matter up to the Management of Telekom, asked if Telekom would compensate me for my loss of income and finally told them that I would publish this matter in my websites), I think I would have to wait for more than 2 weeks to a month before I can have my internet connection up again. I was told by a friend in the IT line that sometimes Telekom takes up to 1 month to get the Streamyx up again! Can you beat that?

I was really cheesed off with the way they handled my case. The staff seemed to be dragging their feet in getting my case solved. I spoke to 2o over customer service staff before my internet connection was up again. Each time I called, they seem to give me the standard answer which goes “I have handed your report to my supervisor. A specialist will be handling your case Mam". It was only when I spoke to the supervisors and told them sternly and seriously as a matter of fact that I would publish this matter in my blogs for the entire nation to read that they got a little worried and put some effort in getting my case solved.

I guess this is the mentality of staff from our government departments. Yup, Malaysia Boleh when they Tak Boleh solve a matter within one day! I think it’s time for me to switch to either Maxis or 3G (Digi) prepaid wireless broadband.
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