Health Freak Mommy: Baby C's 6th Week Vaccination


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby C's 6th Week Vaccination

Baby C went for her 6th week vaccination (a combo of Hep B, Hib, DTaP and Polio) yesterday. Her weight gain is good and she has gained close to 2kg over the past 1.5months. Her weight is now 4.65kg. Her birth weight was 2.75kg. She's now breastfed exclusively.

After her jab, she has been sleeping non-stop from yesterday afternoon till now. She isn't cranky or whiny but just listless and sleepy. She also doesn't appear to be hungry and did not really cry for my teat teats. She's just sleeping like a sleeping beauty. Gosh, I am really worried. I hope she'll be ok later today and will cry for milk again.

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