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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hot Hot Weather.... And A Face Full Of Rashes

Since birth, Baby C has very good skin and complexion. She is fair and pinkish. I don't know if it's the incredibly hot weather or my unhygienic confinement lady, Baby C's face is now full of rashes..... and it really hurts me to see her once smooth, flawless face now covered with red dots.

You know how my CL bathes her? After washing Baby C's bottom with the hanky, she wipes Baby C's face! I was aghast when I saw her doing it and I told her not to do it again. Lately, I feel so upset with the way my CL handles Baby C that I don't even want to see how she bathes Baby C. I really have 'no eye see' and I don't want to stress myself up over the CL, which in turn will cause my milk supply to drop. I still have 3 more days to tolerate her and by Friday, I can have Baby C all to myself again.
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