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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maid Stories ..... Part 2


I was so pissed off with the things my maid did that I gave her a piece of my mind several days ago. She lied to me over several things, i.e. work that she did not do but said she did and things that she did but said she did not do. I told her that if she wants to continue working for me for 2 years, she has to buckle up, else I would send her back to the agent. I also lied to her that there are hidden cameras fixed everywhere in the house, so she better not lie to me. Remember the case where she ‘stole’ an egg to eat and threw the egg away when I walked into the kitchen? I dug up this matter and lied to her that I saw her doing it from the CCTV. Many things that she did wrongly in the past which I had just kept quiet and tried to tolerate, I also dug up and told her that I saw them all from the camera! I have no other choice but to threaten her this way so that she will buckle up and not deteriorate further. It’s always good to nip something bad at the bud before it blooms.

Given a choice, I would send her back to the agent and get a new maid. Because she is already a rejected maid and I have used her before I hired her as a permanent maid, I am thus not entitled to another replacement. Getting a fresh maid would mean incurring another RM8k+. Also, I am not guaranteed that a new maid would be better than her, she could be worse off. Hopefully after all the pep talk from me, my maid would change over a new leaf. If she continues to slack in her performance, I will most likely call the maid agent over to my house to give her another session of counseling.
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