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Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Sunday

We had lunch at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Desa Park City yesterday. It was my first time out of my 'house prison' since the birth of Baby C 3 weeks ago and I had broken yet another confinement rule by going shopping before the end of my 1 month confinement period.

When I was choosing the baby sling at Baby Loft, the lady boss asked me when I was due!! Oh gosh, I tell you, my heart was crushed. Do I look like I am still pregnant? I am still rather skinny everywhere else but my belly looks really pathetic, like I am still 3-4 months pregnant. I just can't wait to start my daily running sessions and exercise on my fitball again. I hope no one would ask me if I am expecting again.

Sherilyn enjoying her udon (minus all the meat and vege) with chopsticks.

While Alycia enjoyed her rice, maki, cod fish and beef.

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