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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sucking Air Too?

Baby C is one baby who just cannot wait for mummy's teat teats each time she's hungry. Well, I guess most babies are like this. She would wail till her face and body turn red and stiff. When she's really hungry, she would suck my teats so ravenously that there is a loud 'jup jup jup' sound produced, especially when the pressure of my milk flow is high. My friend told me that the 'jup jup jup' sound is caused by Baby C sucking too much air. Huh? Really? I only hear this sound when the pressure of the milk flow is high and when Baby C is sucking too ravenously.... so ravenously till she often choked. Is she also sucking air? I think she has latched on correctly coz my teats no longer feel sore. What say experienced mums out there? You think my Baby C is also sucking air and did not latch on properly?
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