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Monday, May 5, 2008

What I Really Want To Do On Mother's Day

Elaine tagged me on this. I'll write a short one since I don't really have much time to blog lately. The only time I can really have peace to blog and to appreciate the quietness in the house is past 11pm, that's when my 2 rambunctious girls are asleep and I have satisfied my little one with mamee's milkie.

Ok, so what do I really want to do on Mother's Day? Like Elaine, mine are just fantasies. First, I'd really like hubby to care for my 2 older girls the entire day - bathe them, brush their teeth, wash their bum, feed them, coach them in their homework, put them to sleep, etc while I go shopping and get myself some new clothes for my new figure now, go to the nail saloon for a manicure and pedicure and to the spa for a good full-body massage. Then, I'd like to have a nice dinner in the hotel or in a classy restaurant with hubby and my 3 girls.

Well, I think the last wish of having a nice dinner may be granted but the rest will just be wishful thinking.

Not tagging anyone this time. I better go to sleep now as Baby C will wake up for her milkie again in an hour's time. Oh yes, forgot to mention, I wish I could sleep in till 10am on Mother's Day without anyone disturbing me.
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