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Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby C Loves Tummy Time

The other day, I placed Baby C on her tummy on the mattress. The moment her tummy touched the mattress, she squealed in delight. We (Alycia, Sher and I) all cheered for her to lift her head up and to crawl (in Doman style, it's called crawling, as in commando crawl, though many people call it creeping). She tried to lift her head up but only managed to muster a 45 degrees angle hold and her face keeps getting buried on the mattress. She managed to crawl an inch or two and was so excited. 5 mins later, she got restless and cried and I put her back on her bouncinet again. I am just longing to see her start crawling now but when she starts crawling everywhere, I would have to watch her like a hawk and that's when I wish she were a baby again!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boring Sunday

It's another boring Sunday for me. Hubby has brought Alycia and Sherilyn out shopping for lightings and toilet bowls for our new home. I'm cooped up at home again with Baby C.... and ate peanut butter sandwich and some roasted almonds for lunch, how unexciting can that be. I haven't eaten out for weeks and I am just raring to go out again. I wonder when I can be released from my 'home prison'. I'm going to ask the pediatrician nephrologist next week when we bring Baby C to see her for an assessment of her kidney reflux if it's ok to bring Baby C out.

Baby C has not recovered fully from her cold. I realize that her nose will get stuffy if she's in an air cond room or if she's put too near the fan. If I keep her warm, her nose will be fine but the both of us will feel stuffy and sweaty all over. The weather has not been too good lately - damn hot and humid. And when she's all sweaty, her eczema will flare up again. Sigh.... it's the devil or the deep blue sea!

Computer Memory Upgrade

There are thousands of photos of my 3 daughters saved in the hard drive of my computer. They are photos of them from birth up until now. There are also videos of them that I had taken with my digital camera and downloaded into my computer. At the rate I am saving the photos and videos, I will run out of space in my computer in no time. The guy who usually comes to my house to fix my computer has asked me to upgrade my computer ram but I ain’t going to upgrade it just yet. Well, not until I have done some research on what RAM is and find out what upgrade is compatible for my computer system.

Shopping For Our New Home

Hubby has gone out with the 2 older gals again, together with mil to shop for lightings and toilet bowls for our new home. He has been out shopping for household accessories almost everyday as our new condo is in the midst of a major renovation. As usual, I am in ‘home prison’ with Baby C. I am bored to the core being cooped up at home. Hopefully our pediatrician will give us the green light to bring Baby C out again. We still have many things to shop for our new home, from sofa set to new beds, a home theater carpet for the living room, dining table and chairs, TV console, curtains, water faucets and much more. It’s a pity I can’t follow hubby out shopping for our new home.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fried Loh See Fun

My mil fried some loh see fun (rice flour noodles in the shape of rat's tail) the other day and Sherilyn was so hooked on it that she kept filling her bowl with the noodles. This fussy eater who eats no meat (but is now accepting a little meat) even ate the pork slices and prawns in the noodles.... and kept asking for more and more and more... till I have to keep the bowl out from her sight.

Fried loh see fun with prawns, pork, bean sprouts and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

" I want some more mah mah...."

Does Cassandra Look Like A Boy Now?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Way To Get Your Kids Drink Water

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Best Fish Head Noodles!

This fish head noodles from a coffee shop at Kuchai Lama is by far the best I have ever tasted. It tastes much better than the famous Woo Hin fish head noodles at Taman Desa, Old Klang Road. This fish head noodles comes with huge prawns and fish paste. The soup is really very tasty, so tasty that I am really hooked on it. Anyone who loves fish head and prawns will love this noodles. Sorry I don't know the name of this coffee shop but I will ask hubby to take note of the name the next time he goes there. If you want to go to this coffee shop, you better go before 12 noon, otherwise, you'll have to wait for a long time before you get a place to sit. And you have to bear with the heat and sweat it out if you plan to go there for lunch. This coffee shop is also opened at night.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby C at 2 Months 2 Weeks Old

At 2 months and 2 weeks now, Baby C hardly naps for long during the day. Her longest nap time would be half an hour, then she would wake up and wants to suckle my teat teats or wants to be talked to. She can now babble and gurgle when she's being talked to. She loves watching us work and never likes to be left alone, anywhere. She can also stare at an object / person and is able to follow the object/person when it moves by turning her head. Yesterday, I gave her some tummy time and she squealed in delight the moment I placed her on her tummy on the mattress. Her neck/head is also pretty stable and she can hold her head quite well unsupported. She sticks to me like UHU glue and if ever I am out of her sight when she wakes up from her nap, she will wail her lungs out. No one will be able to pacify her but me and sometimes daddy, if he's around.

We have made an appointment to bring her to see the pediatric nephrologist early next month to asses her kidney reflux. Hopefully, her KR is only a grade 1 or at worst, grade 2 and that she will outgrow this problem and does not need to be on antibiotics for the next 7 years. Am praying hard that a miracle will happen again.

Cold Green Tea Noodles

Want to prepare something yummy yet easy and quick for your little fussy eaters? Try cold green tea noodles. All you have to buy are a packet of green tea noodles, a bottle of Ninben sauce for soba noodles, a packet of shredded Japanese sea weed and toast some sesame seeds. Just blanch the noodles, drain well and rinse off with some cold water (this is necessary so that the strands of noodles will not stick to each other and become starchy). Pour some chilled Ninben sauce into the noodles, sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds and shredded seaweeds on the noodles and you can even add a few ice cubes to the noodles.

This noodles can even be packed into Bento lunch boxes and you can prepare them in a jiffy in the morning.

Left to right : toasted sesame seeds, green tea noodles, Ninben sauce, shredded Japanese seaweed.

Verdict : Alycia and Sherlyin LOVED the noodles to bits and often, 1 bunch of noodles (the noodles come in bunches) is not even enough to satiate their hunger!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sherilyn In Her Uniform

That's Sherilyn in her pre-school uniform, which belonged to Alycia. We didn't get her a new set of uniform as she could fit into Alycia's old uniform which Alycia has outgrown. Instead, we got a new set of uniform for Alycia. The school bag is new though and is given by the school.... well, it's already included in the semester fees.

That's the advantage of being the eldest child - you get new stuff all the time! When it's Cassandra's turn to go to pre-school, we don't even have to buy her any uniform, she'll have lots of old uniform from both her cheh chehs.... and that's one of the many advantages of having kids of the same gender... you can recycle their clothes!

Health Insurance

I cannot tell you how important it is to have a health insurance scheme both for yourself as well as for your loved ones. You probably will not realize the significance of the health insurance until tragedies strike or when you or your loved ones get afflicted with an ailment that requires costly medical treatment and hospitalization. When Alycia was 14 months old, she was attacked by Rotavirus and purged non-stop for several days. She was hospitalized for 3 nights and luckily our health care insurer settled the bill. It would have burned a big hole in our pockets had we not purchased a health insurance scheme for Alycia.

If you are looking for affordable health insurance, you can log on to blindcntr.org to get free health insurance quotes. Blindcntr.org offers extensive guides and informative articles covering health insurance to help visitors get the information they need before and after buying health insurance. All you have to do is to fill out an easy form online and you will have access to multiple health insurance companies and agents. Don't wait any further, get yourself and your loved ones an affordable health insurance today for you never know what will happen tomorrow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cassandra In Cloth Diapers

I have a total of 7 cloth diapers but at the rate Baby C is pooping, I think I need at least 20. Baby C poo poos between 3-5 times a day (big time poopie business). There is also a little poop on the diaper whenever she farts. On average, I need to change her diapers at least 10 times a day. When it rains and the inserts can't get dried quickly (they are quite thick), I have to use disposable diapers. Hubby is complaining that the CDs are too expensive coz he had just spent more than RM500 on CDs. I think I'll ask him to buy more CDs next month. The initial investment is really burning a big hole in his pocket.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sherilyn Has Homework Too

I can't believe that Sherilyn has been bringing homework home everyday and she's only 3 years old. It's not just 1 page of coloring but 2-3 pages of coloring and her teacher wants the parents to do revision / reading with them at home too. Getting Sherilyn to do her homework is one tall order as my little tough nut just doesn't like to be instructed to do things. I think I will have the patience spending all my time persuading her to do her homework if Sherilyn was my only child. But I have 2 other very demanding kids and Sherilyn is always testing my patience to the limit. Sometimes, her homework gets unfinished and I just let it be. I do not want to threaten her with the cane to force her to complete her homework for it will only make her hate doing homework in future.

Lotus Root Stuffed With Mung Beans Soup

Have you tried stuffing mung beans (or green beans) into the holes of lotus roots before throwing them into the pot to boil soup? The other day, my mil tried it and I tell you, the lotus roots tasted so good with the mung beans stuffed inside the holes. You'll be surprised that the mung beans will stay inside the holes and only very few will be dislodged from the holes when the soup is ready. My mil was told that the green beans are to make the soup not so 'choa' (watchemer call it in English? I suppose 'heaty'?). My mil also threw in a pair of chicken feet (leftover from the 'yim kai' or neutered chicken that we ate on Sunday) and some pork ribs.

Guess who ate the chicken feet? Click here to find out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Stand Her English

I really cannot stand the wishy-washy and horrendous English that my maid speaks. Her English already sounds terrible with her mother tongue interferance, coupled with her broken command and wrong usages, her sentences really make my hair stands at times. Though I've told her countless times (almost everyday) that she is to speak in Malay with the kids, she is still speaking in her terrible yet hilarious command of English. Here are some examples :

1) When Baby C cries, she will try her best to pacify her while she says this "Please wet wet ar..... mummy a coming, wet wet ar......." (she meant wait wait).

2) Don't climb up Kay Yi, nanti you the drop down.....

3) Faster go shower, you number one, faster a go take shower....

4) You no go out, you naughty....
(she normally says this to Sherilyn when she's naughty. She meant to threaten Sherilyn that she can't go for outings next time)

5) Faster you eat! (she loves to tell this to Alycia and Sherilyn during meal times)

6) Why you no drink you water? (she also cannot pronounce the word 'your' and often says 'you' instead)

7) Alycia : Kakak, where is mah mah?
Kakak : Mah Mah go....
Alycia : Where is mah mah Kakak?
Kakak : Mah Mah go, Mah Mah go...... (she meant to say that mah mah has gone out. Both Alycia and my maid normally get frustrated because Alycia does not understand kakak and kakak can't tell Alycia exactly where her mah mah has gone to.)

And I will be like a teacher correcting her broken English all the time. I just don't understand why she does not want to speak to the kids in Malay. Perhaps I should tell her that I will fine her 10 sen for each word of English that she speaks to the kids. If I don't do this, the kids will be picking up horrendous English too.

Pretty Shapes Fried Eggs

If you have a kid who doesn't like eggs, you can try cutting them into all sorts of shapes. You can also make pancakes (with extra eggs) and cut them into cute shapes. Click here to read on...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sherilyn Is Breastfeeding Her Baby Too!

"Mummy.... look at Kay Yi.... she is breastfeeding her baby!" These were the words uttered by Alycia to me yesterday just before I put Alycia and Sherilyn to nap in the afternoon. When I saw what Sherilyn was doing, I just burst out laughing out loud. My goodness, the way she lay on the mattress on her side with Elmo her 'baby' is exactly like mine, when I nurse Baby C. At one point, she even covered her legs with her nappy, just like how I cover mine with my blanket. LOL..... Sher is just an expert in imitating me!

Oh but of course I don't do such a silly act with Baby C!

New Cloth Diapers

Pretty or not my new cloth diapers? My maid has washed them this morning and tomorrow, I can start putting them on Baby C. I'm planning to get more CDs. After some calculations, I figured that CDs indeed help save loads of money coz Baby C poo poos too often. Moreover, the CDs that I bought are one-sized, meaning she can wear them till she's potty trained or at least weighs 16kg.

Continue reading here.

Does Baby C Look Like A Boy?

Most people who see Baby C for the first time tell me that she looks very much like a boy. Does she? My urut lady (Malay masseuse) tells me that it's because when I was carrying her, I yearned for a boy, thus Baby C now looks like a boy. Crappy isn't it? Actually, both Alycia and Sherilyn looked like a boy too when they were infants. It was only when their hair grew longer that they looked more feminine.

Whatever it is, whether she looks like a boy or a girl, Baby C is still very cute in my eyes.

Doesn't she look more like a boy in this blue jammies?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My New Cloth Diapers Have Arrived

Yay, the cloth diapers (CD) that I ordered from babysashanmom.com have just arrived. Hubby paid by cash via online payment yesterday and I was actually quite worried that they might get lost in transit. The initial investment is really quite hefty, around RM85 each but I think we will save loads in the long run. Will take pix of the CDs tonight and post them in my blogs soon.

Organic Toffee Biscuits

This organic toffee biscuits that my sil bought from Hong Kong for Alycia and Sher taste so good that I finished almost the whole box all by myself! Nope, I'm not a bad and greedy mummy. Alycia's down with fever as she has throat infection... again! I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that Alycia's body cannot tolerate heaty food and biscuits. Over the past few days, she ate durian and biscuits (mah mah sayang her too much to say 'no' to her requests). Though she drank water like a camel, her throat was still not spared. She's on antibiotics again (sigh...) and her fever is still not going away (already 4 days). So to remove the temptation away from the gals, I chomped down almost all the biscuits, hehe...

I love the toffee bits in the biscuits!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

There wasn't a big celebration yesterday. Hubby and mil brought Alycia and Sherilyn to Mid Valley in the morning as my mil wanted to go to the GAP boutique to change the pair of jeans that my sil from HK bought for Alycia last week. As usual, I had to stay home with Baby C. I was advised by our paed to avoid bringing Baby C to crowded places as her immune system could be a tad weak from all the antibiotics that she's taking now. Hubby tar pau half a steamed chicken from Crystal Jade Restaurant for me for my lunch

As for dinner, my mil steamed a huge 'yim kai' (neutered chicken), made 'kon cheen har loke' (pan fried huge prawns), steamed a huge 'tau tai chong' fish (pomfret) and stir fried some vegetables. In case you are wondering what differences are there in a neutered chicken, well, the meat is very firm, the skin is thicker, more yellow in color and 'crunchier' than regular chickens and the meat tastes better. It's quite rare to find neutered chicken these days and my hub's aunt bought it from Ipoh

After dinner, the gals sang "happy father's day" to daddy (in the tune of happy birthday), blew the candle and cut the cake. It was my favorite green tea red bean cake from my favorite bakery. How was your father's day celebration yesterday?

Keeping Eczema At Bay

Click here to read how I prevent an eczema flare up in Baby C.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eating Dim Sum In The Hospital

I was bored to the core during my 4 days stay in the hospital with Baby C recently. I was also worried sick of Baby C's condition. Not only was I bored and worried sick, the hospital food also sucked big time. I was happy that hubby bought me my favorite dim sum for brunch on the 3rd day, but eating alone in the huge room facing the 4 walls and seeing how sick Baby C was, well it was really no fun. Though hubby brought me homecooked food everyday, I was merely swallowing my food without really tasting them and enjoying them. As the Chinese saying goes "sake loong yoke toa moa wai hau" (no appetite even to eat dragon meat ).

Baby C And Sherilyn's Toy Clock

This wind-up toy clock used to be Sherilyn's. Daddy bought it for her when she was 10 months old. After the clock is being wound up, there is music in the tune of 'Hickory Dickory Dock' and the hands of the clock will tick and move.

When Baby C cried non-stop 2 weeks ago, Daddy dug out the old clock from Aly and Sher's toys cabinet and wound up the clock. When Baby C heard the soothing soft music and the ticking of the clock, she stopped crying and stared at the clock as the hands were moving. Since then, this toy clock has been her favorite toy and greatest companion.

When Sher saw daddy taking her clock away and left it in Baby C's cot, all hell broke loose. Sher has always been rather possessive with her things and she just could not part with her clock (though she does not play with it anymore). She was hollering away like a dog whose tail was being stepped on. She snatched the clock away, brought it back to her room and refused to part with it. After some sweet talking and bribes, she finally brought the toy clock back to my room and gave it back to Baby C. It was very rare that Sher would be so generous and for once, she obeyed me. I was really touched with her generosity and gave her a big hug and lots of praises and kisses.