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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby C @ 2 Months Old

Baby C turned 2 months old on 9 June 08. Her weight is now 4.9kg, which is an increase of more than 1kg per month. Her birth weight was 2.75kg. Baby C is now trying to flip over and is always on her side trying to push herself over, whenever she is awake. Therefore, it is not safe to leave her alone on the bouncinet anymore, not even for a short while. She also loves being sang to and talked to and she is always trying to immitate me by cooing "aaar...o" whenever I say 'hello' to her! She will smile to me whenever she sees me smiling to her or talking / singing to her.

Baby C is still breastfed exclusively and she is latched on to my breast almost the whole night... and sleeping under my armpit! As she's most likely going to be on maintenance antibiotics for several years for a suspected Kidney Reflux problem, our paed said that it's best to breastfeed her to strengthen her immune system. It is also not advisable to bring her to crowded places. My hubs has even suggested that we should not bring her to the church until she's stronger. Looks like I will be in prison for the next few months. I can't even bring her out shopping, unless it's on a non-school holiday weekday, early in the morning where there are very few people in the shopping malls. Apart from having a suspected Kidney Reflux (which we will need to send her for an MCUG test to confirm the diagnosis next month), Baby C is otherwise a healthy and happy baby.
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