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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eat First Diet Later

The tasty chocolates that my brother brought back from Hokkaido.

Ever since I started breastfeeding Baby C, I feel hungry all the time.... and I've also developed a sweet tooth. It's easy to refrain from all these sweet stuff when I don't buy them and they are out of my sight but when friends and relatives keep giving me chocolates as gifts, it's really hard to resist my temptation. My mil who also loves eating kuih, sweet snacks and cakes buys them quite often. So, I end up eating them conveniently and then feel damn guilty afterwards.

Recently, my sil and brother returned from Hokkaido, Japan and brought home some very tasty chocs. I've been eating a few slices of these chocs everyday and it's really hard to resist eating them coz I see them too inviting each time I open the fridge. What's life if there is no luxury and some occasional indulgence on the food that I love to eat right? My friend has asked me to just eat whatever I like and then pop some diet pills when I have weaned Baby C from breastmilk. But I prefer to exercise and eat right rather than pop on diet pills. Well, I may consider diet pills if everything else fails to help me shed off those unwanted pounds.
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