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Friday, June 20, 2008

Lotus Root Stuffed With Mung Beans Soup

Have you tried stuffing mung beans (or green beans) into the holes of lotus roots before throwing them into the pot to boil soup? The other day, my mil tried it and I tell you, the lotus roots tasted so good with the mung beans stuffed inside the holes. You'll be surprised that the mung beans will stay inside the holes and only very few will be dislodged from the holes when the soup is ready. My mil was told that the green beans are to make the soup not so 'choa' (watchemer call it in English? I suppose 'heaty'?). My mil also threw in a pair of chicken feet (leftover from the 'yim kai' or neutered chicken that we ate on Sunday) and some pork ribs.

Guess who ate the chicken feet? Click here to find out.
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