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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sher's Eyes Are Bigger Than Her Tummy

Sherilyn's eyes are always bigger than her tummy. She has a habit of stuffing her bowl full with food that she loves though she has not finished what is already in her bowl. She also has a quirk when it comes to eating sandwiches. You see, Sher's a great fan of bread and jams. She would insist that she makes her own sandwiches..... and she would go to the fridge to bring out all the bottles of jams that she can lay her eyes on by herself. She would then demand that I slather generous amounts of all the different types of jams on her bread like this :

These are Sherilyn's favorite jams - homemade peanut butter, homemade pandan kaya, organic almond butter and black sesame paste.... oh, not to forget butter and cheese...

And her sandwiches will have a little bit of everything, like a rojak sandwich. Looks gross isn't it? But they taste good!

That's Sher's rojak sandwiches (in wholemeal walnut bread), cut into triangle wedges. She loves them and never seems to get fed up of them. She even eats them twice a day - breakfast and lunch / dinner.... and washes them down with fresh Marigold HL milk.

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