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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cassandra At 3 Months 1 Week

These days, Cassandra does not like to be placed in a supine position (on her back) anymore. When she's placed on her back, she will either turn to her side and tries to flip over or she will scream to be picked up. The other day, she was screaming away when I put her on my bed. When I placed her on my pillow, so that she's in a sitting position, her face lit up and she smiled and kicked her legs gleefully.

Baby C being dotted on by her 2 cheh chehs.

Baby C's favorite pass time is to suck her fist. I just can't resist squeezing her hands when I see her chubby piglet-like hands.

Baby C has also discovered that she can put her hands together and now likes to clasp them, as if she's praying.

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