Health Freak Mommy: Alycia Fell Down From The Stairs In School Today


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Friday, October 24, 2008

Alycia Fell Down From The Stairs In School Today

... and she dared not tell me or anyone.

When Alycia came back from pre-school today, my maid cleaned her up. My maid then told me that there are red patches on Alycia's body and thigh. My mil and I took a look and wondered what it was. The red patches looked like some allergies and we thought she had scratched her body. She remained quiet when we inspected her body. Later when I was working on the PC, she came up to me and told me softly "mummy, I fell down today". She did not even dare to tell me that she fell in school. It dawned on me immediately that the red patches were from a fall. I asked her how she fell and she told me she fell down the stairs. I asked her if it was painful and if she cried, she said no. I doubted it when she said no. When I asked if her teacher saw her fall, she said yes. When asked if her teacher said anything, she said no! Now, I am really pissed. How can the teacher not tell the parents when a student had a fall in school? What if the student broke a bone or some internal injuries happened to the child? I am going to ask the teacher on Monday what happened and if it's true that she saw Alycia falling and not inform us, I will surely tell her off.
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