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Friday, October 17, 2008

I Didn't Spoil It, It's Lousy!

Sherilyn again, my brat with lots of cunning ideas and words to outwit you. She had inserted a toy cheese into the Doodle some time back, resulting in the slide-eraser getting stuck in the middle. The other day, she didn't want to nap (yes again, she avoided taking her afternoon nap) and she took the Doodle out to write and draw. When she wanted to erase her doodling, the eraser got jammed up half way through.

Sher : mummy look, it's spoilt....

Me : yeah, who spoilt it?

Sher : Don't know.....

Me : Who else, YOU!

Sher : No I didn't spoil it. Daddy bought a lousy toy, this is a lousy toy!

See this brat? She messed up the house by tearing up the styrofoam handbag that her teacher made for her and strew the pieces of styrofoam everywhere, threw her magnetic alphabet everywhere, threw my breastfeeding pillow on the floor and keeps telling me she's not sleepy. Sher is another Energizer bunny who doesn't seem to get sleepy.
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