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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My 2 Little Babysitters

Whenever I need to go to the loo or get some meals prepared in the kitchen, I will dump Baby C in the playpen, aka. her cage and enlist the help of Aly or Sher (mostly Alycia, my trusted helper) to entertain Baby C. Baby C loves being in the company of her 2 cheh chehs and the sight of her cheh chehs can really put a smile on her face or make her giggle heartily. Baby C who has supersonic sharp ears will even spring up and search for her sisters even when she's in the room with me alone.... nursing and she hears her 2 cheh chehs' laughter or chatter downstairs or in the garden! And this will of course distract her from drinking her milkie or from taking her nap.

It was Alycia's idea that she does coloring on the floor so that Baby C can see her and she can sing or talk to her baby sister simultaneously.
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