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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sunday

I was worried when Alycia seemed so lost during my revision with her on Math last night. So today, I spent the whole morning coaching her in Math. She seems to be a little weak in her understanding of Math or it could be the method I teach her is confusing? I don't know where went wrong. I am considering sending her to Math enrichment classes like Enopi Math or Kumon just for a few months to build up her foundation. It's really not easy teaching your own kid as they tend not to take you seriously and give you loads of excuses. The minute I walked away from the table, Alycia scooted away and turned on the TV... and boy was I enraged. Alycia has extracted tons of my patience to teach her. I hope she'll fare well in her Math test. Tomorrow I'll do revision with her on her English and BM.

After revision with her, daddy tar pau (packed) lunch back to eat. After lunch, we went grocery shopping at a nearby mini market. We also dropped by the newly opened 100Yen shop near my house. I bought a lunch box and a few mini lunch boxes for the larger lunch box and some other household stuff. Everthing cost RM4.90, so cheapo! After shopping, we dropped by our favorite bakery to get some cakes and mini croissants for the gals, then went to Guardian Pharmacy to buy some toiletries and anti-bacterial wipes. Yup, this health and clean freak bought a large box of alcohol swab and Dettol wet wipes to wipe Baby C's toys and crib coz she's been licking and chewing on her toys and crib railing a lot lately.

Back home, we ate cakes and drank coconut water. My Sikh neighbor also gave me a large box of Deepavali goodies - all my favorite cookies, muruku and beehives... and I have been gorging on them. I better wake up earlier to work out longer tomorrow. My 3 monkeys only drifted into their nap at around 5ish pm. Oh boy, I think my 2 older gals won't want to sleep early tonight.... but it's ok, since they don't have to wake up early for school tomorrow coz it's a public holiday.
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