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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Tuesday

I couldn't blog for almost the whole of today when my darn monitor konked off. Hubby then brought his spare monitor from his office for me. After fixing the spare monitor, the darn CPU acted strangely and keeps shutting down by itself every 15 minutes. I am speed thinking and typing here to beat the timeline coz very soon, it will auto shut-down again, aarggh.....!!

We made a trip to Baby Loft again today. I quickly fed Sherilyn lunch after she came back from pre-school. This brat has been very, very, very whiny and fussy lately.... drives me bonkers! She cries everyday over the slightest things! Anyway, Alycia came back later as she had Mandarin enrichment class today. So I prepared her lunch in a lunch box and she ate in the car, on our way to Baby Loft, which is quite a distance from where we stay.

This is what we bought from Baby Loft :

I swear by this tea.... it has helped me successfully breastfeed Baby C for 6 months+ and I plan to breastfeed her for as long as I can still produce milkie for my darling!

A bed railing for the gals' new bed in our new condo....

Also bought another Diva Mama breastfeeding spaghetti strap top and new teething rings for Baby C again.... stay tuned to see what I bought Baby C!

Ok, gotta publish this post before it is gone when my darn CPU shuts down again!!
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