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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Total Mess With Finger Paints

I thought I can have some peace of mind when I allowed by 2 older gals to do finger painting but I was so wrong. Read the rest of the story here.

I Used A Public Pay Phone Today

For the first time in almost a decade, I used a public pay phone today. The Hotlink for my handphone had expired and my ever-busy hubby hadn't reloaded it for me. After church today, we waited for over an hour for him to pick us up. My 2 older gals were jumping about and running everywhere in the church. They were complaining that they were hungry and each of them ate 2 packets of London Swiss roll cake that the Sunday School teachers gave them. Baby C was fussing as she was hungry and sleepy too. I sat on a pew at the back of the church, covered myself with my scarf and nursed her to sleep. Almost everyone had gone home. I was fuming mad with hubby for forgetting to pick us up. When there was still no sight of him and the church caretakers were locking up, I borrowed some coins from the kind caretaker to make a phone call to hubby using the pay-phone. He finally came... and I berated him. One of the things that I absolutely hate most is waiting, especially for my hubs who has a habit of making me wait for him from day one of our pak tor days. Haiz.... Mad day for me today. Mad with my careless maid, mad with my 2 older gals who didn't want to nap and kept screaming, slamming doors and jolting Baby C up from her nap and mad with my ever-busy hubby.... haiz, haiz..... I am going mad soon!

Stubborn Maid

My maid made me fuming mad this morning. As usual we were all rushing to go to church. After bathing Baby C, I put her in her crib and told my maid to watch over her whilst I had a quick shower. I told her not to do anything but to watch over Baby C as I would be done with my shower in a few minutes. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Sherilyn on a stool, bending over with half her body inside the crib. My maid was bathing Alycia and left Baby C all alone in the crib and asked Sherilyn to 'jaga' (supervise) Baby C. I was irate. My maid has a irritating habit of not listening to what we say and doing things her own way. I was yelling at her coz she had disobeyed me again and she had asked a 3.5 year old toddler to look after Baby C! This is the second time today she asked my 2 older gals to jaga Baby C.

Early this morning, I was busy with something and asked my maid to watch over Baby C. Guess what? She put Baby C on Alycia's bed and asked Alycia to carry her whilst she went to fix the 2 gals milk! I only realized it when Sherilyn came to me and told me "mummy, baby is playing on cheh cheh's bed." I almost flipped when I saw Alycia carrying her on the bed! Maids... you can't live with them, yet can't live with one, sigh.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rusks And Baby Carrots For Baby C

The other day, I bought some baby carrots and Heinz teething rusks for Baby C to chew on. She loved them both but got pretty frustrated when she couldn't bite on the baby carrots. Though the Heinz teething rusks are almost tasteless, she still loved them. I used to buy them for Alycia and Sherilyn too when they were babies. They were really useful whenever I needed to eat my meals. All I needed to do was to give them a rusk to chew on and they would sit still for at least half an hour chewing on it, while I hurriedly gobble down my food.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What A Day

The only time I can blog is when my 3 monkeys are asleep. Now, Baby C is finally asleep after my maid and I spent almost an hour to feed her 2ml of antibiotics, only to have her puke them out, then I had to feed her the meds again. My mil has taken my 2 older gals out for dinner. Ah bliss.... I love this moment of silence and peace. So quiet and tranquil. I can rest my throat for a short while as I've been yelling at my 2 older gals the whole day and singing and pacifying Baby C. I am now having a headache... caused by stress.... stress because Alycia had a big time meltdown this morning and I almost slapped her (managed to whack her arms)... ah guilty. Headache because Baby C kept puking the antibiotics. I tried it and it's bitter and I felt like puking too. My poor baby. I feel so much heartache seeing what she has to go through.

For 2 nights straight, I had to call my paed to ask him what to do as Baby C kept puking the meds. I finally managed to force it down her throat with some yoghurt. I called my paed again just now and asked him if it's ok to feed antibiotics with yoghurt and he said ok. Ok meh? Yoghurt has life good bacteria and I thought antibiotics cannot go with milk? But my paed said it's ok. I am totally lost for ideas as I've tried everything from grape juice to peach juice, apple juice, pear juice, teething rusk, baby carrots, barley water and only yoghurt does the trick and that also Baby C puked after I had finished feeding her the meds. But at least she could still swallow the meds with yoghurt. Sigh.....

Moving Blues

Tomorrow will be the third week we’ve moved into our new home and things are still scattered here and there. There are still some things to unpack. Many of our things and cabinets from our old home are still stuck at hubby’s office and hubby is complaining that his office is so congested that he can’t even walk into his office! I think he will need a self storage to store these things until we find people to give away some of our things. We had anticipated this to happen as we have moved from a 2-storey house to a condo where space is limited.

Baby C Hates Having Her Hair Washed

Most babies love having their hair washed but not mine. Baby C hates, absolutely abhors having her hair washed, since birth. Read the rest of the story here.

I'm Going Berserk!

I am going berserk, really berserk and I have been yelling all day. Each time I yell, I think of the yelling mother of the sitcom Malcom In The Middle coz I am just like her. My 3 gals are driving me bonkers. Sherilyn is always disobedient and driving me nuts during meal times. Alycia has been super whiny during the school holidays. She keeps throwing tantrums for no reason and she will scream, scold everyone and bang doors to release her tension. And now, none of them wants to nap....even Baby C. Today, she only napped 1 hour in the morning and that's it. Now she wants to be carried. I want to run away from them d....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby C Is Down With Fever

Baby C is super duper fussy and crabby today. She wants to be carried all the time and as I am typing this post, she is asleep on my lap with her head on my chest. Oh gawd, I just hope the fever will ease by this evening. Talking about evening, I have to feed her antibiotics again and it's going to be another battle and struggle again for the 3 of us (Baby C, my maid and I). God help me and Baby C please! I really hope Baby C will swallow the antibiotics without puking.

Check out my health blog to find out why Baby C is down with fever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby C Loves Bread Too

Last Friday, we brought Baby C to consult the pediatric nephrologist and spent almost the entire day at the hospital. After consulting the pediatric nephrologist, we had to consult the pediatric surgeon. As there was a long wait, we went to the cafe to have lunch.

Hubby and I ate chicken chop and fish and chips.

Baby C was fussing and whining as she was sleepy. So I gave her a pinch of the organic wholemeal chickpea buns that I had bought from the cafe. To my surprise, she loved the bun. I gave her another pinch, and then another until I told myself I had to stop as babies are not supposed to eat wholemeal bread. Babies' guts are still immatured and may not be able to digest the wholemeal. So I gave her a pinch of the white bun that came with our set menu. She loved it too. When I got back, I bought a loaf of Gardenia white bread and fed her with it.

Looks like I have another bread lover at home.... which means that I will have another person fighting to have my share of bread soon. But that's good. Serving my kids bread for lunch or dinner is the simplest way out whenever I am busy. They love bread (and so do I) and it's easy job for me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Good Workout Session At The Gym

It was drizzling early this morning. I was a tad disappointed but being the determined fitness freak that I am, I still took a brolly with me to jog. I am used to jogging with a brolly each time it rains and I've been doing this for 6 years.... eversince I found out I had PCOS and exercising has been the only way I could keep my weight in check. Anyway, when I came down from my unit and passed by the gym, I suddenly remembered that I can use the gym. Yes, the newly reburfished gym with a complete set of gym equipment, including the trampoline that we had brought from our old house. I then went to the Condo management office and asked the guard to open up the gym door for me.

I worked out for half an hour on the treadmill and managed to burn over 200 calories, jogged over 2.5km and had a real sweat out. My t-shirt was drenched with my sweat and I felt really worked out and a little nausea. I always feel a little nauseous each time I have a good workout. My tummy also shrunk a little or was it my imagination? Anyway, I will continue to workout in the gym tomorrow and try to achieve burning 300 calories.

A Very Expensive Layer Cake

This small piece of layer cake costs over RM100 and is one of the tastiest layer cakes I have ever eaten. Read the story here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miss 'See Yeh'

Everyone who knows me says that I am very 'see yeh' (I guess it means fastidious in Cantonese) when it comes to cleanliness and health issues. I know Alycia and Sherilyn have a habit of not washing their hands before their eat and after going to the loo. I have told them umpteen times that they are to wash their hands but I always catch them not washing them after going to the loo and before they eat. I doubt their teachers actually ensure that each and every pupil washes his/her hand after the trip to the loo and before he/she eats.

That's why I always ensure that there is a fork, spoon or food picks in their lunch boxes.

I even cut up a butter bun into easy-to-eat bite sizes and put a fanciful My Melody fork inside the lunch box to entice my gals to use their cutlery. It's better to be safe than sorry when they contract HFM disease.

Are you that fastidious too when it comes to your kids' food?

Swimming Craze

Check out what Alycia is doing at my other blog.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surprise For Baby C

I had a big surprise when the courier delivery guy rang my door bell yesterday. I received a gift. I had expected this gift coz 2 days ago, SkyNet Courier called me informing me that someone has sent a parcel, addressed to Baby Cassandra. I was guessing and guessing away who that could be.

When I ripped open the gift wrapper, I saw a colorful educational toy for Baby C. It was from this wonderful mummy, who is my childhood friend's sil. I am really speechless. She is just so thoughtful and sweet to have sent this toy to cheer up Baby C who was recently hospitalized for another bout of UTI attack. Thanks Phaik Ling for your kind gesture. You're really one hellavu friend!

Quick Fix Lunch... Cold And Slurpy!

Everyone's been super busy unpacking our stuff. So my mil made a real quick fix lunch that's wholesome and the gals love them to bits. She made cold green tea noodles and added lots of toasted sesame seeds, shredded Japanese seaweed and Japanese sauce. Oh yeah, the noodles go very well with wasabi too. Alycia and Sher had fun throwing in ice cubes into the noodles.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby C And Her First Taste Of Fish

Baby C had her first taste of fish today. My mil had steamed a fish (ma yau toong) for lunch. I did not deliberately intend to feed her fish today as I was busy rushing to eat my lunch. I had an appointment with my gynae at 2:30pm today. Before having my lunch, I had fed Baby C some organic brown rice and organic banana rice cereal. Baby C was fussing away, so I put her on my lap as I ate my lunch. When she kept staring at my food, I decided to let her try a small pinch of fish and to my surprise, she liked it and gave me and my mil her sweetest smile. I then brought out a small bowl and gave her more fish. She ate and ate without fussing until she fell asleep! Poor baby, she's been jolted up from her nap twice today - once by the darn contractor and another time by her 2 cheh chehs.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby C's Holey Hand

That's Baby C's holey hand, caused by the IV line. Check out my health blog for the story.

My First McD Delivery Order

We have been busy unpacking our stuff and my mil didn't have the time to cook. So we ordered McDonalds and had them delivered to our condo several days ago. Alycia and Sher woke up from their nap and found their favorite food greeting them on the dining table. I also ordered a cup of chocolate sundae and let me tell you, they enjoyed their meals tremendously. Oh well, which kid doesn't like fast food and ice creams eh?

Stuck In A Traffic Jam But Enjoying Commercials

I dread driving to the Bukit Bintang area as the perpetual traffic jam there is just horrendous. At times, I could be stuck for an hour or two just at the Bukit Bintang area where there would be a bumper to bumper crawl, especially after a heavy downpour. Ever since the huge digital signage has been erected at the junction of Bukit Bintang, being trapped in a traffic jam has been rather entertaining. My kids and I actually enjoy watching the commercials on the gigantic digital signage and instead of cursing about the traffic jam, I can see most drivers looking up at the huge screen, enjoying the commercials.

Hardly Have The Time To Sit And Eat

I have not sat down to have a proper breakfast for the past 2 weeks. What I have been doing is that while I hurriedly gobble down my breakfast, I pace around the kitchen simultaneously fixing my 2 gals their milk or breakfast, feeding Baby C her meds and health supplements and on some days, hurriedly pack my bag to go to the hospital with Baby C. I almost forget how it feels like sitting down at the dining table and sip my cup of tea, slowly eat and appreciate my toast and read the newspapers. I don’t even have the time to read the newspapers for the past few days. The same goes for my lunch where I hardly have the time to sit and eat peacefully. Normally Baby C will be seated on my lap as I eat. I can only console myself that my hectic lifestyle is a blessing in disguise as I can shed some weight and don’t have to rely on Fentraphen. That’s motherhood and as I’ve said it before, it’s the toughest job God had created.

When It Rains, It Pours

Things ain't going too smoothly for me lately. Everything seems to go wrong and all the unpleasant things seem to come pouring together simultaneously. When Baby C was admitted to the hospital last week, we went to Pantai Medical Center as this hospital is under our insurer's panel. However, an hour later, we were informed by the hospital that our application for the particular claim had been declined by the insurers. Our insurance agent later informed us that all our claims related to Baby C's UTI will NOT be borne by them as her UTI is caused by Kidney Reflux, which is considered a congenital disorder. Congenital disorders will not be covered by any insurers. I was really disappointed and felt cheated coz when our application was approved a few months ago, our insurance agent informed us that there wasn't any exclusion on her claims. Now, they are telling us that they are not bearing our claims. Sigh.... this would mean extra burden on hubby.

Baby C has been admitted thrice for UTI and each hospitalization cost over RM1,500. I am just hoping and praying hard that Baby C does not require surgery coz her surgery is a very costly one. But looking at her situation, I think surgery is most likely needed. If she gets a few more UTI attacks within the next few months, a surgery to correct her urinary tract is the best solution and the doctor suggested the surgery to be done after her first birthday, if she doesn't outgrow the Kidney Reflux. I wonder if there's ever light at the end of the tunnel....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby C On Antibiotics Drips

Check out my health blog to read the story.

Topsy Turvy And Dusty

Our new condo, particularly my bedroom and my bathroom are in a BIG mess. We discovered water leaking in the bathroom cabinet under the sink a few days after we moved in. The contractor couldn't detect where the leak was from. Finally today, they found out that the leak was from a leaking aircond pipe from my bedroom. So the contractor hacked a big hole in the wall of my bedroom to fix the leaking pipe. Such a nice new home but everything is so messy and the floors are so dusty. Some of the things are still unpacked and there are clothes, boxes, toys and just about everything scattered here and there. My 2 rambunctious brats have also been throwing their toys, papers, books, pencils, etc. everywhere! What an eyesore!

Frazzled And Sleepy

I am terribly frazzled and sleepy. I have only been getting less than 5 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks. First was the packing, then the move, then the unpacking, then Baby C had UTI and has to be admitted. We were on home leave and we had to bring her to the hospital twice a day for the antibiotics drips. I am so sleepy that I dozed off on the chair in the hospital whilst waiting for the nurses to prepare our discharge and bill. Today I got up at 5:30am as Baby C had to reach the hospital by 8am for a blood test. However, once there, our doctor told us that the blood test wasn't necessary. Long story. I'll blog about it later. I will have to wake up at 5:30am again tomorrow to bring Baby C to see our pediatric nephrologist. That will make it 2 days of skipping my exercise regimen. Back home, our new condo is topsy turvy and in a big mess. There's a big hole in my bedroom wall! Another story to tell. I feel so sien now. Sigh.....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lovely Dinner... At Home

2 weeks ago, hubby's aunty who had just returned from a business trip in Kuching bought us some goodies from Kuching.

The famous Sarawak layered cake which cost over RM35 for a small piece. The cake was layered intricately with different colors. I liked the cake as it wasn't too sweet.

She also bought a huge pomfret fish....

and also stuffed a whole chicken, roasted it and brought it to our house for dinner.

The delicious roast chicken stuffed with garlic, big onions, rosemary herbs and wedges of lemon for a tinge of zesty lemon taste. Within minutes, the whole chicken was wolfed down by everyone who was famished!

We had a real sumptuous dinner that night.

Having Fun Painting Keychains

Whilst unpacking the gals' new toys, stationery, books, flash cards and stickers from the boxes and into the drawers, I found some new arts and craft stuffs that one of the gals' aunties bought for them quite some time ago. Alycia and Sher couldn't wait to lay their hands painting the plastic keychains and did the painting on the dining table right after dinner.

Within half an hour, Alycia and Sher finished painting all the keychains... and my maid had to wash them everyday so that they could re-paint them the following day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long School Holidays

Today is the first day of the long school holidays. I am getting the jitters coz I will have 2 rambunctious brats with me at home 24/7, badgering me for things all the time, especially Sherilyn, my little Miss Whiny. I can’t blame them coz any kid would get bored being cooped up at home for 1.5 months. How nice it would be if we had the money to bring the kids for some Disney vacations in Orlando. I’ll bet I’ll get no whining and fussing from the kids but only laughter and cooperation with me all the time.

These are pix of my little Miss Whiny, who got so sleepy and tired after whining and crying for an hour... that she fell asleep on the floor, with half her head on the mattress lol!

Water Fountain For Our Home

Last week, daddy bought a mini water fountain to be placed at the balcony of our condo. The next day, he brought home a big jar of marbles (the marbles that he collected when he was a little boy) and enlisted the help of Alycia and Sherilyn to put them into the water fountain. Boy, my 2 brats were tickled pink and had so much fun throwing the marbles in, dipping their hands into the water and getting themselves all wet.

See how happy they were putting marbles into the fountain.

The view of KL Towers and KLCC from our condo.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Homemade Wholemeal High Fibre Pancakes

I made some wholemeal high fibre, high protein pancakes for the gals last week. Check out my other blog to find out what other ingredients I used to make the pancakes.

Daddy's Written Agreement To Bring Alycia Swimming... Part II

That's the picture of the hand written agreement - written by Alycia and signed by daddy. It was daddy's idea to sign on the agreement as Alycia has been badgering him to bring her swimming ever since we moved to our new condo on Friday last week.

Daddy's signature - circled.

Doesn't Alycia look like she's one of those complainants at Michael Chong's office? LOL!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Streamyx Is Finally Up Again....

.... after 11 long and agonizing days! That's how inefficient our TM Net is, as expected and this is not the first time I suffer as a result of their inefficiency. The last time hubby changed owner in our fixed phone line, my streamyx connection was down for 8 days... and that also I had to call them once every 2-3 hours, every day for 8 days to breathe down their lazy necks. Had it not been me being a pain in their lazy necks, I think they will take forever to get the Streamyx up again.

Anyway, the feeling I had when I got back my Streamyx was one of ecstatic and relief. It felt as if I hadn't eaten for 11 days and could finally eat. It just felt great to be able to refresh my screen, save a document, upload pix, etc. without getting an error message or having to wait for 15 minutes or more to get to a website. However, I could hardly find the time to blog during the day as I still have some unpacking to do. Baby C is also still purging and I have to wash her bum like 10 times a day.... after each poopie business and after she had wet her diapers coz her diaper area is so sore and it's best that I wash it clean to prevent the area from getting sore further and to prevent nappy rash. The only time I can blog is at night, when my 3 monkeys are all fast asleep. Ahh.... what bliss to be able to blog in peace!

Stroller Mishap

That's how Baby C and I looked after the stroller accident yesterday.

Baby C smiling after she woke up from her nap, after the fall. This smile gave me a consolation that she's A-ok.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's It With The Tissue Box.... And The Tissue Papers?

My 2 older gals loved playing and chewing on tissue box and tissue papers when they were babies and now, it's Baby C's turn. New colorful toys they like not but dull looking tissue boxes and packet tissues fascinate them to bits. Why eh I wonder?

BTW, Baby C and I were spared from serious injuries during an accident today. Nevertheless, we were still hurt. Check out my other blog to find out what happened.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby C Turned 7 Months Old

Baby C turned 7 months old on 9 November 2008. She started to cruise 1.5 weeks ago and now likes to grab everything not meant for her.... and then put them into her mouth.

In this picture, she was trying to fish out a diaper from the shopping bag that I hung on her crib. I can no longer hang anything on her crib now for this ever curious baby will surely grab them and put them into her mouth.

Daddy's Written Agreement To Bring His Princesses Swimming... Part I

That was taken on the day we moved into our new condo. Our unit faces the swimming pool and the gals' room has a very good view of the pool... and the gals absolutely adore their room. They think it's a hotel and they spend almost the whole day in their room and at the kitchen looking down at the pool. They have been bugging daddy to bring them swimming but it's just not possible as we were all (and still are) extremely busy with the move and unpacking.

When daddy was unpacking the gals' clothes and arranging them into their new closet, Sherilyn quickly fished out one of her old bikinis and insisted to put her bra (that's what she calls it lol!) on.... then ran round the house pretending to snap pictures!

Last night, daddy finally promised to bring Alycia and Sher swimming today. He even signed on an agreement hand-written by Alycia that he will bring her swimming today. As I am typing this, daddy has now brought them swimming. Shall post picture of the agreement soon!