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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bento Tools

A new 100 Yen shop has just opened near where I stay. So I popped by the shop the other day and got these :

a double-decker lunch box

a pack of 3 little dainty lunch box, to be placed in larger lunch boxes. I prefer these to silicon cups or bento cups as they come with a cover, thus the food will not spill. Everything costs just RM4.90 and there were heaps of nice lunch boxes and pretty chopsticks! However, there aren't other bento stuff that I am looking for like silicon cups, lunch box straps, food picks, baran, sausage weiner, etc.

And these are from my sil. She bought these for me from Singapore - a silicon fried egg/pancake mould in the shape of a bird, cookie cutters and a star-shaped and heart-shaped egg mould.

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