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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alcia Did It Again

She woke up 3 times last night to try to turn on the air cond again after my maid had turned it off. This brat is really spoilt! Our paed had told us time and again each time we bring her to his clinic that one of the culprits to a weakened immune system (in my gals' case, it's frequent colds) is the air cond. But Alycia does not want to listen to us. She thinks since she has her own room now, she can have the liberty to turn on the air cond 24 hours a day. When my maid chided Alycia and threatened her that she will tell mummy about it, Alycia ignored my maid, climbed on a stool and turned on the air cond herself at 5:30am. My maid just let it be as Alycia can be a super stubborn brat (just like her mummy!)and turned it off when Alycia went back to slumberland. I think I should hide the air cond remote control tonight!
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