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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sherilyn My Clumsy-Pot

Not a day goes by without Sherilyn spilling her drinks or soup or dropping food on the floor. Meal times will be stressful times for me for I will be yelling at her. She will surely walk up and down the house and climb up and down her chair and spilling her soup, water and dropping food everywhere in the house. I have been telling her at every meal that mummy's blood pressure will shoot up and mummy will die faster because of her but she just couldn't be bothered. Sometimes, this manipulative monkey will bawl loudly the minute she spills her soup or drop food on the floor, in the hope of getting my sympathy, so that I won't scold her.

Last week over breakfast, Sherilyn dropped her hard boiled egg on the floor whilst she was watching TV. I was fuming mad coz I was really busy at that time. Morning times are the busiest for me as I will be feeding Baby C all her supplements and fixing breakfast for my 2 older gals. I hardly ever have the time to sit and eat my breakfast in peace during the school holidays.

The hardboiled egg that Sherilyn the Menace dropped on the floor.

... which eventually went to the bin and she had nothing to eat for breakfast afterward.....

Minutes later, she spilled her cup of sticky loh hon koa herbal drink on the floor! You tell me, would you be angry if you were me?

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