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Saturday, December 6, 2008

High On Sugar and Chocolate The Whole Day

Alycia and Sherilyn had a time of their lives and stuffed themselves full with sweet desserts ranging from ultra sweet white chocolate with bright blue and green food coloring on it, cakes, pastries, marshmallows, dips on chocolate fondue, ice creams, crackers, lollipops and finally a chocolate birthday cake at night with lots of coloring! Yikes! I was too busy with Baby C to stop them from going wild with their sweet indulgence. Moreover, daddy the 'everything ok' guy did not forbid them and kept acceding to their demands at the coffee house of the hotel. Oh boy, I just hope they would not develop a cough or a sore throat tomorrow coz they are just not used to stuffing themselves with such junk food. They did not even have a proper meal today, save for a hard boiled egg and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Shall post pictures of them tomorrow.
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