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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lola My Kitchen Helper

For someone who has sensitive skin and eczema, I can never touch dishwashing liquid. That's the reason why I only buy those that are gentle on hands and those that cost a little more. Though I have a maid, I still wash some of the dishes myself... can't leave everything to my maid. Moreover my maid often does slip-shod jobs and I always find food and soap residue on the bowls, plates and cups. Instead of nagging her everyday to wash thoroughly, I wash my kids' eating utensils myself.... with a dishwasher that comes with a handle. The first one that I had was a gift for me from my sil several years ago. She bought it from Europe. It's really handy and my hands don't have to be in contact with dishwashing liquid anymore. Yesterday I bought another one, called Lola :

Lola comes with a soap dispenser on the handle and can sit neatly at the corner of the counter top, above the sink...

You can also get re-fills for the sponge for Lola.
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