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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nasogastric Tube Again

I am enraged, really boiling mad... with my maid this morning. Baby C went through a very harrowing time late last night when the nurse inserted the nasogastric (NG) tube into her nostril. Baby C was fussing, tossing and turning and crying round the clock last night because of the NG tube. She felt really uncomfortable with the tube hanging from her nose. The NG tube also made her choke, cough and retch the whole night. Can you imagine a tube that passes through your nostrils, throat and directly into your guts? It must be darn irritating and painful. I didn't get to sleep at all, not even an hour.

This morning, my maid put the collection bag (that's attached to the NG tube) behind the baby cot without first asking me. She was meddling with the bag and the tubes. I told her to put it back at the side of the cot so that the dr. and nurses can easily see the bag. She listened to me but later put it back behind the baby cot. Minutes later, Baby C cried, struggled and tried to pull off the NG tube. My maid quickly carried her up and because the collection bag is behind the cot, the tube wasn't long enough and it slid off baby's nostril! I was horrified because this would mean that my poor baby has to go through another round of extremely traumatizing and painful procedure of having the NG tube put back. I can never forget the shock, pain and fear on my baby's face when the nurse put the NG tube into her nostrils. She cried and screamed till she puked.... green bile stuff and some blood (must be from her nose or throat that was being scratched by the NG tube). My poor baby, it was really heart-wrenching to see what she had gone through.

In my anger, I kept scolding my maid. Because of her disobeying me, my poor baby now has to suffer another round of traumatic procedure. On one hand, I knew she was trying to be helpful but on the other hand, she likes to do things without first asking us and things that need not be done, she would do them.... and enrage us. I have asked the Sister to check with the doctor if it's ok not to put the NG tube back coz the tube is causing baby more distress than comfort.

.... to be continued.
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