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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby C Is Cutting Her First Tooth

Baby C is finally cutting her very first tooth at 14 months, at exactly the same age that Sherilyn jie jie cut her first tooth. I first noticed that her lower and upper gums were hard when I was wiping her gums after her meals about 3 weeks ago. I knew instantly that her teeth were going to sprout. Today, I saw a tiny wee bit of the one and only pearly white in her lower gums, which looks like a grain of rice stuck to her gums. Woohoo, finally she will be able to eat more food!

Here's a pic of Baby C taken with the Sister at GMC, who was very caring and compassionate. The Sister gave her a Popeye soft toy on the day she was discharged from the hospital on 15 May 09. I guess baby missed this Sister a lot coz the next day, we had to make a mad dash from Ipoh back to Penang when baby kept puking.... and she was re-admitted and stayed there for another 2 weeks.

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