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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enough Is Enough

I have had enough of my maid. Throughout our time together in Ipoh and Penang for the past 3 days, she's been getting on my nerves. I can still tolerate it each time she disobeys me and does things however way she wants, despite me telling her not to.

Yesterday, Sherilyn was happily watching TV in the hotel room when she came and sat next to her, snatched the remote control that she was holding and switched channels. Did I tell you she's hooked on the TV? Another long story to tell on that. She got reprimanded. Next, we had bought a packet of peanuts for the gals to feed monkeys at Botanical Garden. Instead, this control freak clung on to the peanuts and fed monkeys herself. When the gals asked for peanuts, she refused to give. Next, in the car when Alycia wanted to look at a brochure on the Toys Museum, she also refused to give Alycia and was happily looking at the brochure herself. She even had the cheek to chide off Alycia and created a stupid excuse so that Alycia didn't get to see the brochure. The hubs and I were really pissed off with her. All these I can still close one eye and forgive her.

I got so steaming mad with her just now when she hit Baby's hand. She thought I was in the toilet and she gave Baby a monstrous expression on her face, snatched the plastic bag that Baby grabbed and hit her hand. That, I cannot accept. Who is she to hit my Baby? That was not the first time. I had caught her many times giving Baby a hideous and spiteful expression on her face and tried to hit Baby on the hand. But when she realized that I was standing behind her, she turned 360 degrees and pretended to play with Baby.

I now feel like I am keeping a time bomb waiting to explode in my house. I no longer trust her and she gets on everyone's nerves all the time, including my 2 older gals. This is really straining my relationship with her and it's really bad for me as well as for her. If I send her back to the agent, I'm not sure if I can cope without a maid. Moreover, my mil will be away overseas for more than a month soon. Her contract will only expire in April next year. If we decide to get another maid, it would probably take another half a year for the new maid to arrive. Long sigh..... should I keep her or send her back?
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