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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terrified Of Green Ant

Baby is absolutely terrified of a remote-controlled green ant that can move forward and backward like a robot and emit robotic sounds. Daddy bought it for her about a year ago thinking that she would like a toy that can move and emit sounds. But she was petrified of the green ant, so much so that we kept it inside the highest cupboard. Recently we fished it out and showed it to her and she's still terrified of it. If she's left on the floor and sees the green ant walking, she would scream and run like a headless chicken... which would send all of us in a loud guffaw! How cruel hor? But it's really, really funny. I should video it one day.

Baby loves banging on my computer keyboard. Though warned dunno how many umpteen times not to touch my keyboard, she would still hit it. Oh well, toddlers her age are all defiant and they love to test our patience, don't they? Aly and Sher were like that too and still are now!

Anyway, to prevent Baby from going near my computer, all I have to do is to place the green ant near my computer table muahahahahaha! And these days, to stop her from going into our rooms when we are outside, all we have to say is "Baby, don't go there. Green ant is there! Green ant, green ant there ooooor...." and she'll run out like a headless chicken, muahahahah!
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