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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scolded By Jie Jie And Crest-fallen

Whenever Alycia and Sherilyn want to do something without Baby disturbing them, they will go into their bedroom and lock the door up. At times, they tend to forget to close the door and Baby will charge into the room, climb up the table and cause havoc.

Here, Baby climbed up the table when her jie jies were doing coloring and drawing. Alycia snapped at Baby coz Baby grabbed her precious new crayons that koo mar bought for her from Hong Kong Disneyland and broke one of it.

Check out Alycia's enraged expression....

Baby trying hard to control her tears here. Check out her red and teary eyes, drooping lips and red nose.
Dejected and crest-fallen....

After a few more snaps at her, she baaaaawled. Of all people, her beloved favorite jie jie snapped at her! Alycia hardly snaps at Baby.

But she gave Baby a hug after that and it was really heartwarming to see her sayang Baby again.

Doodling by Baby, which was wiped off by a damp magic sponge / ceramic sponge.
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