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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby's Nightly Routine

I think I will have no problem weaning Baby off co-sleeping with hubby and I. Baby simply adores going to her 2 jie jies' bedroom to play and pretend sleeping with them. Her nightly must-do routine is that she will climb up her jie jies' bed, then play with them and pretend to sleep with them... with blanky covering her body from neck to toe and she would pretend to close her eyes. When I say nite nite and bye-bye to her, she will reciprocate and say the same to me. When I say "sleep with jie jie ok, tonight don't drink mummy's milk milk ok?", she will say "OK" and give me a cheeky grin.

Guess what Baby and rascal #2 were doing here?

They were singing. Rascal #2 is the singer of the family. At home, you will hear her sing and yak all day! And I think this passion of hers has rubbed off on Baby and she's another avid singer, who can sing quite well, though she is 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday.

Alycia was so dead tired that she had fallen asleep and could even sleep so soundly despite the noisy singing from her 2 sisters! Since she started Standard 1, she would be so jaded and sleepy that she would knock off by 9pm every night.

Such a heartwarming sight seeing Baby and rascal #2 in bed together lovingly, singing together.
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