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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Remove Celo Tape Glue From Surfaces

Rascal #2 loves to play with the double-sided tapes that I keep in my drawer. She sticks them everywhere. The other day, a few pages of her book had come off. She could not find any celo tape, so she fished out the double-sided tape and taped them everywhere on her book... and left traces of the tape on our marble dining table.

My maid and I tried to wipe off the tape on the table, but it just didn't budge. It stuck to the table like glue.

When my mum saw the glue on the table, she dabbed some cooking oil on a piece of toilet paper and wiped the table with the oil. After several minutes, the glue was completely wiped away! You can use oil to remove sticker price tags from brand new tumblers and containers too, it works the same, very effective!
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