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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Terrible Two Symptoms Displayed

As each day passes by, more of Baby's Terrible Two symptoms are rearing their ugly heads. Her latest Terrible Two display is stomping her foot when she does not get the things that she wants.

Baby is also quite rebellious now. She wouldn't want to poo poo in the potty anymore. Instead, she would do it in her diaper. Getting her to pee in her potty is also challenging as she will struggle, arch her back and bawl each time I bring her to the potty to pee. But she has to pee in her potty at regular intervals to prevent another UTI attack and this means additional stress and back-breaking moments for me. The lesser urine that sits in her potty, the lesser chance for those pesky bacteria to breed and wreck havoc. She will also pour urine from the potty onto the bathroom floor and play with the soiled potty!

The only 2 thing that're easy for me to get her to do are to invite her to go gai gai and drink mummy's milkie. I wonder what Baby will transform into in another 2 months' time when she turns 2.
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